Participation & Governance

Self-determination and autonomy are fundamental to the self-esteem and sense of identity to Indigenous individuals and communities. It has only been fairly recently that we have begun to gain control over decision-making processes that affect our lives and communities.

Indigenous individuals and organisations are committed to creating the economic, social, cultural and legal framework that will enable them to be able to determine and manage their own lives and futures.

woman being handed an award

Central Queensland University masters graduate, Vanessa Seekee (left) being awarded the 2008 Queensland Premier’s Reconciliation Award. She and husband, Liberty, won for their efforts to preserve Torres Strait Islander World War II history. Photo © Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The Torres Strait Heritage Museum opened on Horn Island in 1997. It contains the area’s rich cultural diversity and history, including Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion’s contribution to World War II. The museum houses over four hundred veterans’ photographs, with maps, diagrams, sketches, personal items, diaries and other wartime articles. Other displays include the Torres Strait pearl diving era which was the strength of the Torres Strait’s economy from the late 1800s to the 1950s. Also included are displays of the Torres Strait people's history, including Indigenous art, artefacts, culture, religion, myths and legends.

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